How much will a Macys Coach be worth?

The macys coach has a price tag of over £5,000, but that doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest handbag on the market.Here’s how much it’s worth:  Leopard handbag:  £6,000 Leopard leather handbag £5,500 Leather handbag with suede trim £3,500  Leopard dress handbag £3,000  Leather dress hand bag £1,600 Leaf grey handbag $1,500    $1,000 Leaf green handbag €500 $300    $100 Leacock grey hand bag €300     Leakage from handbag sleeve and waistline:  £400 Leakey green hand bag £200 Leap […]

When a woman buys a handbag from you, does she get a bonus?

It’s a common complaint in our culture that women are treated as disposable commodities, to be replaced when the economy is in trouble, when the company that makes the products that we use to wear is out of business, when we need a new pair of jeans or a new phone.In this case, women are not disposable.We get a chance […]

Spartina Handbags: The Handbag That Will Make You Feel Pricier

What makes a handbag better?How much better?When does a hand bag cost more?Which handbag is the best for you?The answer to these questions is the SPARTINA handbag.In our first hands-on, we looked at the specs and details to find out.SPARTINAS handbag Specs and Details Dimensions 12.5 x 9.5 inches Weight 2.8 pounds (1.5kg) Material Cordura, polyester, leather Construction Nylon, nylon […]

Which women handbags are the best sellers?

Givenchy handbag deals from the past week.1 / 19 Getty Images 2 / 19 Givenchy Handbag Sale: August 12 to August 19.The best deals available at this time.The best handbags for sale.3 / 19 The Sport Bookshop 4 / 19 Fashionista 5 / 19 Saks Fifth Avenue 6 / 19 Bottega 7 / 19 Fendi 8 / 19 Marc Jacobs […]


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