When a $20,000 pair of sunglasses makes $500,000

The best of The Hill’s top handbag picks for 2018.| Source: The Hill| A pair of $20 million sunglasses is the latest trend to make the millions.On Monday, Amazons best-selling $20.2 million handbags collection, which includes the popular TJ Maxx, made $500 million at auction.The company’s $20-million range includes a wide range of handbag styles and colors, including the $5.9 […]

NFL’s biggest gift for a former football player: Tods Handbags outlet

The New York Giants are giving a former NFL player $1 million for a handbag outlet.According to the New York Post, Tod Thomas, who played seven seasons with the Houston Texans and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014, will donate the $1,000 to the Tod’s Handbags and Accessories outlet in Los Angeles.The outlet was founded […]

How to get rid of your unwanted Christmas gifts: A guide

The holiday season is upon us and many of us want to feel festive, but it’s also a time when you can find more unwanted gifts.Here’s what to do if you find a gift you don’t want or don’t like.Read more

Spartina Handbags: The Handbag That Will Make You Feel Pricier

What makes a handbag better?How much better?When does a hand bag cost more?Which handbag is the best for you?The answer to these questions is the SPARTINA handbag.In our first hands-on, we looked at the specs and details to find out.SPARTINAS handbag Specs and Details Dimensions 12.5 x 9.5 inches Weight 2.8 pounds (1.5kg) Material Cordura, polyester, leather Construction Nylon, nylon […]

Why Amazon Handbags Are a Hit, But Not Your Typical Smartphone

There’s a trend of consumers switching from phones to digital accessories.Now, that trend is being taken to an extreme, with people buying the handbags of Amazon.com and Apple in record numbers.But if you’re not familiar with the brand, its not a bad thing to see how well it is selling its merchandise.After all, it’s a retailer with an impressive retail […]


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