‘It’s an interesting time to be an American’ – the world of handbags

NEW YORK – In the age of social media and the ubiquity of smartphones, it’s no wonder Americans love to buy handbags.But there are many reasons why handbags are so popular with the global market.One is that they are an important part of a woman’s wardrobe.The world of fashion and the consumerist lifestyle have changed in the past few years.As […]

5 Best Handbags for Men and Women

We’ve compiled our favorite handbags for men and women, and there’s plenty of great stuff to choose from.In this article, we’ll be sharing our favorites for men, and the best handbags to pair with each one.Whether you’re looking for the perfect travel bag, a stylish dresser or an accessory for your desk, here are our top picks for you. Read […]

How to make the perfect leather handbag

I’ve been asked for my top leather handbags and the answer is always leather.I love the look and feel of a leather bag, but I’ve also always found it to be a little too bulky, especially for a travel bag.In fact, a leather hand bag is usually just a slightly larger bag, and that’s just fine for a traveler.The leather […]

CryptoCoin prices climb higher as $4,200 gift card increases

Updated December 10, 2018 06:08:14 The cryptocurrency market is booming again, and it appears that the $4.6 million gift card will increase the value of many crypto assets.CryptoCoins.com reports that the gift card has already increased by $3.7 million over the last 24 hours, adding that the value has also increased by another $6 million.The crypto community has already begun […]

Spartina Handbags: The Handbag That Will Make You Feel Pricier

What makes a handbag better?How much better?When does a hand bag cost more?Which handbag is the best for you?The answer to these questions is the SPARTINA handbag.In our first hands-on, we looked at the specs and details to find out.SPARTINAS handbag Specs and Details Dimensions 12.5 x 9.5 inches Weight 2.8 pounds (1.5kg) Material Cordura, polyester, leather Construction Nylon, nylon […]

What you need to know about the best vintage handbag deals in 2017

The best vintage cashmere handbag deal in 2017.The Irish Times has been reviewing the best deals on vintage hand bags, mcm hand bags and silk handbags in 2017 as part of our Vintage Handbag Deals 2018 series.Read more about the handbag review:For 2017, the best handbags on offer at the moment are the new handbags from Burt’s Bees and L’Oreal, […]

This Is The Best Handbag You Can Buy For $1,800 In The UK

BRIEFERATORY: The British Airways’ new $1.6 billion-selling London-to-Los Angeles-to Dubai handbags offer a more luxurious option than many of the big names.But how does it compare with the other major carriers?Here are our top picks for the best handbags available in the United Kingdom.READ MORE › British Airways The UK’s only carrier to offer a fully branded carry-on bag, the […]

How to dress to impress your friends

Vintage designer handbag style has never been more relevant.There are so many trends these days, but for the fashion-forward, vintage is the most timeless.Read more.Read more

How to Use Amazon’s Best Price Guarantee

Amazon’s best price guarantee will give you the best price for everything on the site for 30 days, if you shop from a certain retailer.The guarantee will only apply to the first item you buy, but you can add more to your basket and it will apply to each additional item you purchase for 30 more days, according to the […]

How to buy a sak bag, handbag or purse

From the start of your travels in the US, you’ll be familiar with the familiar bag you’ve come to expect: a white bag with a strap around the neck, an outer flap to make it more secure, and a handle that opens up when you pull the strap over your shoulder.In the US these are called the sash and sash-style […]


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